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A rose whispers, "I love you" and a melody witnesses our deepest longings.

Symbols and Archetypes bring a subtext to everyday language. As we learn to understand and recognize the imagery, we are empowered with a better understanding of ourselves. All of us have the ability to feel, sense, and intuit this language.

Enlightenment involves becoming conscious and aware, and one familiar way this happens is through symbolism. The enlightening process makes something known that is unknown, and something visible that is otherwise unseen. We often experience this process through dreams, but there are other ways in which spontaneous images or symbols appear. The Poetry Images on this site fit C. G. Jung's description of “fantasy images” or similarly, “dream images”. The images in this Picture-Series reflect a Universal Process of Transformation that Jung referred to as The Process of Individuation, a process that leads to healing and wholeness. The process involves awakening through images and symbols and it serves to teach and enlighten, both individually and collectively. Through the orchestration of "images and affect" or pictures and feelings, we experience "the magical language of soul, symbols, and archetypes".

How Symbols Transform Us

On this site is a set of "Poetry Art" images as well as other art images. The Poetry Art images are energetically connected to transformation and enlightenment, in a personal way of course, but in a very large collective or universal way as well. There is a "conversation" of a kind that affects our ego image or the way we see ourselves; it functions to bring our conscious perceiving to higher consciousness or awareness, and improves our place in the universal scheme of things. Naively created, with a universal autonomy that is found in dream imagery, the Poetry Images filled up, as containers for universal symbolism and energies, to chart the path through a personal, yet universal journey to transformation. We don't have to follow the path, but it exists; it is dynamic and active regardless of whether or not we acknowledge the energies associated with unconscious processes. If we choose to follow a path to higher consciousness, and we allow ourselves to be actively drawn in, we experience a series of circuitous steps. The process has found a vehicle in the Poetry Art images, and in service of "the larger universal conversation" animates the images with the symbolic language of the universe. It is the nature of these images to enlighten and teach. I will share how the symbolism is enlightening.

Enjoy the Journey

<a href="">Mermaid Grismere, Awareness</a>
Mermaid Grismere, Awareness

Siren, Jung's Anima, a symbol for conscious and unconscious

<a href="">Ballerina, Love, Unity</a>
Ballerina, Love, Unity

The Divine Child Archetype, an expression of Love, Unity, and Universal Energy

<a href="">Clay Vase, Inner Life</a>
Clay Vase, Inner Life

Notice the pregnant shape of the Clay Vase. There is life inside

<a href="">Queen Anne, Spirit</a>
Queen Anne, Spirit

Anne is metaphorically Spirit, the movement and the energy that unites Heaven and Earth

<a href="">Poppy, Awakening to Self</a>
Poppy, Awakening to Self

A poppy and a mandala symbolizing sleep and awakening

<a href="">Ladybug, Perspective</a>
Ladybug, Perspective

Ladybug offers an enlightening perspective, a view apart, outside looking in